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Before you start looking for an Internet access provider make sure you know:

Then go through the provider lists, starting with the list for your country (in the United States of America, your state; in Canada, your province or territory). Be sure to look at adjacent area codes, cities, regions, and even states or countries. As providers are constantly expanding, many providers will have extended or new service areas that aren't covered in the listings.

Check out each list that covers your area of interest as different lists cover different providers and present different information. when you discover a list has moved or vanished so the next user has an easier time.

Many of these lists contain detailed information about services provided, rates, and service areas. The information is usually helpful, but I have often found the lists (and even the individual provider web pages) to be out of date. After your research on the web, contact potential providers through electronic mail or by telephone to verify the information important to you.

In addition to the lists on these pages, other resouces are available to help your search: suggestions for offline sources of provider information, pointers to other lists of provider lists, and various local and international newsgroups.

Unless otherwise specified, lists and other references are in English.

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