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This page contains information of use to Internet access providers, or people who are considering starting an Internet access provider.

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Listing an Access Provider

Please add your service to any and all access providers lists, but please don't send the information to me. This Meta-List point to lists of providers, not individual Internet providers. If you know of a list of providers let me know.

Many of the provider lists provided free listings, but some charge (at least, at some time in the past, some of these lists charged for listings), require membership in an organization, or have other special requirements for a listing. You need to contact the lists yourself to determine the conditions for being listed.

When you register with Yahoo remember that there are several potential Yahoo lists that cover Internet access providers in your country, state, and city. Add your service to each Yahoo list that exists for your area. (Yahoo has been cleaning up the provider lists over time, along with every other part of their hierarchy, so don't be surprised is you only find one appropriate list.)

Each provider list has a different format -- send them as much information as you can reasonably fit into their format. Once you do get added, please audit all your listings regularly and keep them up to date! Incomplete or inaccurate listings annoy potential customers.

Other places to advertise

See my other resources page for other methods people will use to locate providers. You want people using those search methods to find out about your service.

General Information

Mailing Lists


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