Other Resources for Finding Internet Access Providers

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If my web site doesn't point you to the provider you want, here are some other resources for locating providers. your favorite source for provider information, on or off the web.

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Contents of this site:

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Off-Line Resources

Lists of Internet Access Provider Lists

Internet Access Providers Meta-List
My personal favorite. Although inconsistently edited, it is absolutely the most superbly perfect list of its type on this web site.
Listing Lists of Internet Providers
A list maintained by TAG Online. Most of the lists are for the U.S.A. or Canada. [Visited 13 August 2000. No modification date noted.]
POCIA: Other ISP Lists and Places of Interest
[Visited 13 August 2000. No modification date noted.]
Links to Lists of Internet Service Providers
[Visited 13 August 2000. Modified 30 January 1999.]
No Hope: ISP and Internet Resources
[Visited 13 August 2000. Modified 03/06/99.]
Roadnews.com: Mobile Internet Access
Articles about international Internet access while travelling. The Roadnews.com site has other useful news and resources for the computer-carrying international traveler. [Visited 23 August 2002. No modification date noted.]
Yahoo > Internet Service Providers > Directories
[Visited 21 August 2000. No modification date noted.]
An overview of East and Central European networking activities
A paper from May 1993 listing `people who are responsible for international networking in each of their countries'. [Visited 13 August 2000. Modified May 1993.]


The following usenet newsgroups may be useful in your search. They probably won't tell you about providers not found in the various web pages, but newsgroup discussions are likely to have opinions (subjective and biased, but often useful) on the quality of providers.

You may also want to ask questions on a local or regional discussion group. Some local newsgroups of particular interest are:

Newsgroup aus.net.access
Newsgroup de.comm.internet
Newsgroup fr.reseaux.internet.fournisseurs
Newsgroup ne.internet.services
Newsgroup ns.online
Newsgroup nz.netstatus
Newsgroup uk.net
Newsgroup uk.telecom

(I don't read these regional newsgroups. if any groups listed go away or aren't useful, or if you know of other useful groups.)

When you post in a newsgroup you should mention that you have already looked though lists of providers on the web, otherwise you will get followups and replies suggesting web pages you have already searched (including one from me if I see your post).

Did I miss a list?
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