Internet Access Terminology

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Internet Access Provider (IAP)
An organization that provides Internet Access (e.g., PPP, SLIP, shell, or UUCP accounts) and possibly other services.
Internet Service Provider (ISP)
An organization that provides one or more basic Internet Services such as Internet access, web site hosting, or DNS support for domains.
An axe-like tool for trimming and smoothing wood, etc., with a curved blade at right angles to the blade. [Webster's New World Dictionary of the English Language.]

In casual conversation, IAP and ISP usually have the same meaning. Even if you get formal, there is little difference between the terms since most IAPs provide services in addition to access and most ISPs provide access.

This site can be used to find a service provider for something other than Internet access, but I call this site the Internet Access Providers Meta-List because my focus is helping people find the right way to access the Internet.

For further help on terminology you will find pointers to several glossaries on my page on how to use this site.

Careful with that adz, Eugene.

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