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My Disney Advice

  1. Arrive early.
    Get up, eat a good breakfast, and get in the door when the park opens (which is usually before the official opening). The early hours are less crowded. (This advice applies to almost any museum or attraction, not just Disney parks.)
  2. Plan.
    Know which parks you will visit which days, and what you want to see. On-line and printed guides have good information about which days to visit which parks.
  3. Make dining reservations.
    Disney has counter service restaurants, and table service restaurants. The table service restaurants serve more interesting food and many have Disney characters visit the tables. If you want to eat at table service restaurants, make advanced reservations. Most dining reservations can be made 180 days in advance. Making reservations after you arrive wastes time (which defeats the purpose of arriving early) and the standard dining times for many restaurants are filled months in advance.
  4. Buy a guidebook.
    The on-line resources have great information, and I use them extensively, but the printed guides are somewhat more thorough and can be carried on vacation and into the parks (without a fancy electronic gadget).
    I especially recommend "The Unofficial Guide to Walt Disney World". I always use the most recent edition of this book as my core reference for a trip to Walt Disney World, augmented by other books and the links below. I purchase a new edition each trip as Disney is constantly updated.

Official Sites

Disney.com [Visited 20 July 2006.]
Walt Disney World [Visited 20 July 2006.]

Unofficial Sites and Guides

Deb's Unofficial Walt Disney World Information Guide (WDWIG) [Visited 20 July 2006.]
Disney World - The Online Guide [Visited 20 July 2006.]
Unofficial Disney Information Station [Visited 20 July 2006.]
Intercot: A Virtual Guide to WDW [Visited 20 July 2006.]
LaughingPlace.com [Visited 20 July 2006.]
Website of The Unofficial Guide to Walt Disney World. Some free information, other information available through a subscription. [Visited 26 July 2006.]
usenet newsgroup rec.arts.disney.parks [Visited 20 July 2006.]
ThemeParkInsider.com > Disney [Visited 20 July 2006.]
WDWMAGIC.COM [Visited 20 July 2006.]
News and rumors for theme parks as well as park guides. [Visited 20 July 2006.]
Walt Disney World Entertainment
Information about major and minor entertainment events. [Visited 20 July 2006.]

Lists of Sites

Yahoo > Walt Disney World [Visited 20 July 2006.]
A World of Disney Web Ring [Visited 20 July 2006.]
The Ultimate Disney Link Page [Visited 20 July 2006.]


Orlando/Kissimmee area Temperature and Rainfall Averages [Visited 20 July 2006.]
The Weather Channel
Maps / Kissimmee / Current Weather [Visited 20 July 2006.]
See my Weather links page.
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