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All the information I needed to search for when playing with my OLPC XO-1.

Recovery Information

Activated Upgrade
Own a USB memory stick with a capacity of at least 300MB. When you have really bricked your XO-1 (and the links below don't help), use this page to recover. (I haven't needed this page yet.) [Visited 5 January 2008.]
Safe Boot
When you can't boot your OLPC XO-1 sucessfully, or it's really messed up, power it down and hold down the "check" game controller button when booting. This is described on the Wiki (except the only description I found gives the wrong game button for my XO-1).
Live Support Chat
A web interface to a chat room where helpful people often hang out. There are other IRC channels for developers, see the Support page below. [Visited 5 January 2008.]
How do I test my keyboard for sticky/broken keys? [Visited 5 January 2008.]


Activation and Developer Keys
Getting a Developer Key will give you greated opportunity to play around with and fix your system. [Visited 5 January 2008.]
Changing the console font sizes
I've been told this can be done with a developer key, but I don't have my key yet.
Disable Sugar
If you don't want Sugar at all, set the run level to 3 in /etc/inittab and reboot. Restore the run level to 5 to get Sugar back. I recommend getting a developer key and increasing the console font size first.
Disable automatic border menu
Note: /usr/share, not /user/share (Assuming you know how to get the frame manually.) [Visited 5 January 2008.]


XO Laptop Support
This page is maintained by the OLPC team. For the general public.
[Visited 5 January 2008.]
OLPC Human Interface Guidelines/The Sugar Interface/Input Systems
Explaining the keys on the keyboard. [Visited 5 January 2008.]
Recalibrating Touchpad [Visited 5 January 2008.]
Using files and the filesystem [Visited 5 January 2008.]
How do Give1Get1 donors access their free year of T-Mobile wireless Internet? [Visited 5 January 2008.]
Keyboard Shortcuts
Some useful shortcuts:
Ctrl-Alt-F1Open console 1 (with boot messages) F1 to F4 are the Neighborhood, Groups, Home, and Activity buttons.
Ctrl-Alt-F2Open console 2
Ctrl-Alt-F3Return to X Windows/Sugar
[Visited 5 January 2008.]


General background information.

One Laptop per Child (OLPC) Home Page [Visited 5 January 2008.]
The OLPC Wiki [Visited 5 January 2008.]
Laptop Giving [Visited 5 January 2008.]
One Laptop per Child Foundation [Visited 5 January 2008.]
Wikipedia: One Laptop per Child [Visited 5 January 2008.]
Wikipedia: XO-1 [Visited 5 January 2008.]

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